Airplane Lands on Ocean Surface to Avoid Crash

An Airplane of biggest US airline has reported being missing from Radar after an hour of taking off from airport. The flight was having 309 passengers and crew members were survived after an amazing effort by the pilot landing the passenger plane right in the middle of sea.

Soon as airplane took off from runway, the pilot realized something wrong and he informed it about to control room and then decided to land flight on the Atlantic Ocean surface to save the precious lives of hundreds of passengers.

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The news spread urgent at the airports and US airline offices were flooded with news channels OB Vans. Friends and passengers had also started reaching the airline offices and airport to know about the fate of flight and its passengers. After waiting of some hours, it was pleasant news for everyone that the airplane had landed safely in the sea.

Pilot of US Airline had shown extraordinary expertise to land the flight safely. The passengers in the airplane were also rescued safely by some local officials. Many people on the beach were also gathered to watch the passengers coming out of the crash landed air jet. The rescue operation was also aired live on many TV channels over the world.

After the Rescue operation of passengers, the airline sent another het to bring the rescued passengers to the destinations. There was a huge fear in the airplane passengers and their relatives until they had arrived home. The US airline also announced compensation for all the onboard passengers affected in the incident.

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