Airplane Story Gets Published

Airplane story was published in the news papers when a man lost his life as per the video that was made one of the passengers at the airport. The airport staff members denied the video and said that it was a fake one but the social media people said that it was true when a man was caught by the fan. The unlucky person neared the fan of the machine.

Airplane had stopped as the passengers needed to land after they had traveled from the different countries. The news was quite surprising one as the incident took place for very first time. Due to the force of the fan of the machine, it took the man towards it and the man disappeared. Some of the videos were also published in the story of surprising incidents.

Video Link :

The aviation authority claimed it to be a fake news but the people on the social media have been coming and watching the video for lots of time. They took lots of interest in the news story of that incident. The picture showed it as the Pilgrims had come from the Saudi Arabia after they had performed their duties. The major news was that the man could not believe.

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