America Actor Jumps With No Parachute

America actor jumped with no parachute when he was about to go for the recording of the new upcoming movie stunt. The real stunt was planned as the actor always has been doing for his movies. Everybody including the director and the producer were really confused as it could have been very dangerous for the whole team and the hero of the movie.

America movies have been very famous for the stunts that have been used. The actor had to decide for his life time chance. Any disconnection with the timing of the jump could have been really worse for the entire team and the actor could have been no more in the this world. Luckily the jump was a perfect one and the man fell right at the place that was designed for the landing.

The citizen of the America had also signed for the life insurance since he knew that the stunt was quite difficult and he had to be the best to do it right. All the actions and precautions were taken before the actor took his plane and took off. As the plane was in the air the parachute was also present there in the plane but the actor was so confident that he did not take it with him while jumping.

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