Blackest Baby Gets Viral on Internet by Doctors

Blackest Baby Gets Viral on Internet by Doctors in Hospital when he was born with unique characteristics. It was the most surprising birth that ever was seen in the hospital. Baby boy was born with the printed marks on the whole body that resembled to some Holy Book. People belonged to different communities had come to see themselves.

Doctors said that it was just a miracle since they had never seen such baby with amazing body marks. The body marks were quite evident and everybody could read the news from the news paper. The story was also forwarded courtesy the social media. It became viral everywhere and the news had crossed the limits of the country.

Due to the social media campaign it became quite possible for everyone to reach out for that baby since the strange incident ever happened in that country. The Nurses and the office boys were also watching the video and the picture. The video of news was shared courtesy the smart phones as the news channel also reported the news.

Huge crowd gathered around doctors to verify the authenticity of the news. Many people said that it looked like as if it was printed on the body of the baby but the truth was told to the media.

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