Britain News Gets Attraction

Britain news got attraction when it reported that a man was given treatment for the bad act in an Islamic country. There has been a law that required a treatment of 80 lashes for drinking something that was banned by the Government. The Government had ordered strictly to the every citizen of that country in which the law was implemented.

According to Britain news, a man was caught by the police officers who were ordered to implement the law in the society. Due to the ignorance of that law, the man was supposed to get treatment in the public. He was taken to the road where the passer by was always going to see the treatment. He was then placed on the bench downward.

Everybody going on the street was able to see the treatment about the news. In some of the countries of British and other citizens were allowed to drink in the public restaurants and the hotels while in Islamic countries such act of drinking was banned. Anybody was seen drinking and using that banned substance in public got the treatment. According to the Government, such treatment has brought up laws in the society and people have been giving up doing bad act.

Treatment in Public

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