British Broadcasting Corporation News Goes Viral

British broadcasting corporation news went viral all over the internet about the small dead babies in China. The Government of China rejected the news and said that it has been propaganda against them. The documentary showed that their residents have been using dead babies as their meal in the restaurants for many years.

British Broadcasting corporation had published the documentary on the social media and every one had the access to it. The article showed the pictures direct from their hotels where the babies who did not come to life after they were born, were used in the hotels for the meal purpose. The pictures were shown in the article, were taken from the hotels.

The little babies who were not alive anymore just after their birth, were sold to the hotels since they were used to eat as a soup. The strange article raised so many questions about the meal in the hotels. The Broadcast was also aired in other countries as well. The recent corporation sector of international companies also was amazed. After it was published, the Government did not accept it as the true news and denied it after saying that it was just a rumor and there has not been any such truth in the news.

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