Broadcaster Soul Leaves in Philippines

Broadcaster soul Left the body in Philippines in the road accident. The man was riding the motorcycle on the road without the safety precautions. He was hit by the car that was speeding and the driver could not stop the car before it hit the man on riding the bike. The biker fell down from his bike in no time as the car was running in its full speed.

Philippines incident was really a surprising one since everybody standing there went there to help him out but the man on bike’s soul had left his body. One of the CCTV camera footage showed a strange video that shook the men who were watching the video. The soul of the dead man who was riding the bike and was lying on the road, could be seen right behind the men who were looking at him.

People did not know how to react to that situation. They really got scared. The incident in Philippines was shocking to everyone. The broadcaster had come from his office and wanted to go to his home. He did not know that he might not be able to make it to his home. After watching the video in which the soul of the dead man was standing behind the people, everybody got shocked.

Soul of Broadcaster

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