Camel Goes Wild at Butcher

An angry camel went wild at Butcher when he mishandled the sacrifice on the street. The big animal looked out of control when it was being tied by the butcher and his helpers. Many children were watching it so that they could enjoy the scene. Video was being made by one of the spectators that were standing near the butcher and the helpers.

As the camel was tied, the butcher tried to start the sacrifice. The helpers and the other people standing there were so confident about the expertise of the butcher that they thought the animal would never harm them. It was not less than a shock to all of them when the animal started to jump around in circles. Scary scenes were being recorded by the cameraman.

The animal kicked the butcher on his way to jumping and all the other spectators went aside to save their lives. The animal was shouting and darting like spitting cobra while it looked quite difficult to bring it down again for the sacrifice. Huge shout came out of the mouth of the butcher when he fell down on his knees. He stood up in hurry and went for another go at the animal.

Camel Sacrifice

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