Camel Incident with Saudi Man Gets Viral

Camel incident with the Saudi man went viral all over the internet when the man was darted by the animal. The animal was pet one for the man and he has been living with him for many months since he bought it as a pet animal. Camel looked to have in affection with the man but strange incident took place in the desert that amazed the whole world.

Saudi Man tried to hug his pet camel but while doing so, the animal jumped on his face and bit it. He was badly hurt and was taken to the hospital. The brother of the man rushed towards to hospital since he was in serious trouble and pain. He was given medical treatment by the doctors. After the incident of the pet animal, he gave statement to his brother.

The brother got really angry about the attack of the camel and rushed towards the camel. The camel was in the desert with other animals and the guard. Brother of that victim of the pet camel wanted to take revenge and he did so. Other friend made video of the incident when the brother fired at the pet animal so that he could take the revenge of bite of his brother.

Saudi Man with Camel

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