Christiano Ronaldo Denies Pictures in Brazil

Christiano Ronaldo denied all the pictures that were associated with him when people said that he converted to the religion of Islam. He further said that he has met with some of the Muslim people all over the world but never had any plan to convert his religion. The pictures that were circulating on the social media depicting him to be Muslim, were not true.

The footballer Christiano Ronaldo has been very popular among the football lovers. Pictures showing him to be Muslim were really interesting for the followers who wanted him to change his religion to Islam. After watching all the pictures, some of the people decided to do research on the internet and found out that the pictures were all photo shopped.

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Brazil footballer could be seen holding the Quranic pictured frame that was given to him and the other picture was the real but it did not show him to be Muslim. He was actually watching the Holy book of Islam in one of the museum of the Muslim country. That picture was taken by the photographer and shared on the social media but mistaken by some of the groups of people. The other picture was a fake one and never had any authenticity in it.

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