Christiano Ronaldo Pictures Go Viral

Christiano Ronaldo, the famous footballer of Brazil’s pictures have been going viral on the social media that he has converted to Islam. The video showed that there was nothing real about the pictures and all the pictures were photo shopped. The Pictures that went viral on the social media were related to the star footballer when he was seen holding the Islamic book and Sacred verses in frame.

Christiano Ronaldo also had denied and rejected all the pictures and said that there were some people who were doing propaganda. The video showed that in one of the picture the star footballer was watching the Holy book of Islam. That picture was actually taken when he went to some Muslim country and he attended the ceremony.

The star footballer was shown the Holy book of Islam and the picture did not tell that he was given that Holy book. The other picture of him was not the real one and was photo shopped by some of the people. The real picture has also been shared where he was presented with the football picture framed. later on that picture was changed and the rumor got to the world that he was taking the Islamic Picture.

Christiano Ronaldo

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