Danish People Celebrates Inhuman Festival of Dolphins

A total number of 250 dolphins have been finished in an inhuman festival in Denmark past year. Several thousand people every year from all across Europe comes to become part of it. Such festivals have been followed since very long time in European countries. Men, woman and children of all ages take part in inhuman event equally.

Few animal rights associations in Europe have started raising voice against such violence with dolphins. They have demanded to stop such inhumanity with poor sea animals which are getting slaughtered every year only for human satisfaction. Moreover, European government has also started to demand from Denmark to make hard and fast rules.

It has been noticed that the Government of Denmark and tourism department gets a lot of benefits with such festivals. People in Europe always take part in the festivals of all kinds. However, to save the race of poor Dolphins in sea, it has become necessary to make strict rules.

Already a large number of marine lives have been suffering due to illegal fishing. If such things remain in similar order, there may be some strict sanctions against Denmark. All other Countries in Europe have been asking to stop the massacre against the dolphins every Year.

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