Doctors See Amazing Child Birth

Doctors had seen amazing child birth in the hospital in one of the country that was quite harsh towards others. The hospital never had released any such news before but the news was shared via the pictures and the videos through the family members. It was amazing news as nobody had witness such baby that had different mark on his whole body.

Doctors were quite surprised at the birth but then they had realized that the same kind of thing had already happened with the mother of the child. Her mother also had some marks on her whole body before she gave birth to the baby. During the pregnancy period the baby in the tummy gave some sign of movement.

The child was about to be born with normal characteristics and the body parts. The only difference was the birth of that child from others were the marks on the legs. His legs gave the impression as if some one had written or draw lines on his legs. Many people cam from different parts of the world to see the amazing child that had surprised the whole world including people from every religion. The photos and the videos and the interview were shared via social media.

Blackest Baby

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