Documentary of British Broadcasting Corporation Raises

Documentary of British Broadcasting Corporation raised so many questions about the meal that has been eaten in the restaurants and the hotels of China. The pictures and the videos were really disturbing but the Government denied the news. They said that it was just a rumor and nobody could ever dare to eat such babies.

According to the documentary of the British Broadcasting Corporation, some restaurants and hotels of China were seen using the meal of the human babies. The babies that have not taken breath on this planet since they were born dead, were used in their hotels. The agency revealed the news that attracted so many people all over the world.

Such meals have not only been taken as meal in China but there were also some other countries who had used dead babies in the hotels. The corporation company never published any unauthentic news on any medium but still the Government of China complained about them by calling it a fake news. Many reporters from other countries also confirmed the news as to be genuine and authentic and they had called for the investigation about the meals. The pictures were taken when people of China were using babies as their meal.

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