Express Train Collides with Giant Elephant

A poor giant elephant instantly died with colliding with speeding train while crossing the railway line within the nature reserve. According to media reports the Buxa National Park situated in West Bengal with the border of Bhutan is used for international migration for animals. The forest is also called Buxa Tiger Reserve.

It was not the first incident that elephant collided with speedy train in the area, it happened in the fast as well. The male elephant who was trying to cross the train died immediately on the spot as the impact of the machine was too much for the poor animal.

Although Elephants are treated as god in few parts of India but they are shrinking in West Bengal. One of the reasons of elephants’ death is eating poisoned corps and then hit by speedy trains while crossing the railway line. The minister showed concern over the safety of animals in the area of forest of tiger reserve.

The minister described elephant as gentle giants stressing their safeguard in Buxa Tiger Reserve. The railway authorities must take considerable steps for the protection of animals and passengers along with forestry department in order to avoid such horrible incidents in future.

The death of giant elephant spread sorrow among wildlife lovers and criticized the authorities on treating animals like that. There must be a safe path for wildlife animals to cross the railway line without colliding with speedy trains otherwise the Buxa National Park won’t be a safe place for animals.


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