Fake Floating Stone in Jerusalem Hotels

Fake Floating Stone in Jerusalem Hotels which was becoming viral on the social media. The video and the pictures have been posted and uploaded to prove that it was a fake news. There was nothing authentic and other countries also denied the fact. The reality was that the stone had been supported on the backside on the ground.

Video Link : http://singleclickvideos.com/C7S78

The floating stone in Jerusalem Hotels was said to be flying in the air and it did not have any support. The reality was something very different and people needed to see the reality of it. Some people have tried to expose the fake news about the floating stone. Due to the videos and the pictures, the floating stone got huge publicity all over the internet.

Amazing stone was also seen from the nearing resorts, apartments, motels, restaurants and other tourist destination. Tourists from different countries gathered there in the above said apartments, restaurants, motels, resorts and they all found the stone to be fake one. Some people had made the video of that floating stone and told everybody that it had some support behind it. They said that it could not be stood alone without any support. The video was also watched on the laptops in the apartments.

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