Famous Magician of Hawaii Tricks With Lady

Famous magician of Hawaii tricked with the lady in the live TV show. All the girls who were present there did not believe in the magician before. They came all the way from other countries to watch the real reality magic show. The magician was very popular and has been doing tricks in different programs. Some of the people did not believe and thought that it could be fake trick.

The magician of Hawaii never wanted to get distract by the screams that have been made during the reality magic show. As the girl laid down on the stand, he started to ask the ladies to pull the lady from the head and the feet. The friends of the lady pulled the head and the feet in the opposite direction. The program was being telecasted live on the TV.

The magician then did something that was never shown on the Live TV before. He started to tear apart the body of the lady in two pieces. The lady felt really pain but she had to go through the tricks to get the trick done. In such a short time the lady’s body was separated in two parts. All the girls got frightened.


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