Former President Leaked Video Gets Viral

President Saddam Hussein was caught by the army officers of America and they had given him treatment. The video was uploaded after several years that had shaken the whole world. As the video was uploaded on the social media, people kept on knowing the last moments of Saddam Hussein. It could easily be seen that he never cared about his last moments and never got afraid.

President was then taken upstairs and tied with the black cloth as it has been happening with the other people when they were treated for the last moments. During his last moments being Muslim he kept on reciting sacred words of Islam. It was his last wish that every Muslim wished for. As the citizens of Iraq watched the video they were really worried.

Video Link :

Due to the leakage of the video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein, it was quite embarrassing for the people of America since they thought that he lost his life in War. The video showed the hanging of him while so many police officers were present there in the video. He never got scared of any of the officer and never got terrified since he knew he was going to die soon.

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