Furious Lion Jumps At Kid in Mexico City

Furious Lion Jumps At Kid in Mexico City in a Live TV show. A group of villagers trapped the predator once he entered in the village in search of prey. After realizing the trap, the beast tried to escape and hid in the fields in the village.

The Lion of Animal Planet in Mexico city was dragged out of the fields when the villagers set the fields on fire hoping it would burn the beast alive as well. However it made the predator furious and attacked on villagers standing near to him while so many ran away after watching the beast coming out in rage.

The situation was very critical for the men standing near the fields and they did not get enough time to run away from tiger. So the battle continued between them and few brave villagers attacked on the tiger while the beast was attacking one of the men. The villagers were not expecting such furious attack neither they took precautionary measures before catching the predator.

Video Link: http://singleclickvideos.com/cC33V

On several occasions, the lion of Animal Planet in Mexico and villagers in different parts of India caught the tiger successfully and later executed in the crowd instead of handing the beast to concern department. The uneducated villagers must be handled by the authorities in order to preserve the rare breed of tigers and cheetahs.

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