Germany Man Gives Birth in Hospital

Germany man gave birth in the hospital of the United Kingdom and surprised the whole world. He became the first father on the planet who was able to giver birth to a baby. The news was quite strange to the world but nobody knew the reality behind the birth of the father in the United Kingdom. The video included the pictures of the birth in the hospital.

Germany man was a transgender when he was born at his parents’ home. He decided to change his gender when he was young. After the operation the doctors did not take out his part of the body that could give birth to the babies. After that operation in the hospital he decided to marry one of his female friends so that he could enjoy the happy life.

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The world and the doctors never knew that he wanted to have kids despite of him being married to a lady who did that intentionally. After their marriage, test tube sperm was transferred in his body part that could give birth to a baby. He became pregnant and gave birth in the hospital after the pregnancy period was completed. It was quite unique news that circulated all over the world.

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