Girl Dares With Snake in London TV Show

Girl Dares With Snake in London TV Show. Scientist got surprised with the discovery of the huge skeleton in Saudi Arabia. Some of the skeletons were huge that they never looked like human. One of the sample of such skeletons was on display for the public in Museum. People showed lots of interest in it and they got really amazed after thinking about the size of the people of the past.

TV show in London Surprised world. The giant skeletons that were found in Saudi Arabia during gas exploration in the desert area named as Empty Quarter surprised the team and officials tried to keep it secret. One of the military helicopters took the Arial view of the skeletons which were later put on internet for people.

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London TV show was popular. The discovery of the huge skeletons in Saudi Arabia showed proof to the world that the planet used to have human who had huge sizes. The knowledge of the history of the world also proved that people used to be huge and it could also be read from the sacred book of Islam. Almighty also depicted it in the Holy book that in the early days of the world, people used to be like hundred meters tall. The recent show of the skeleton explained such thing in detail.

The giant skeletons were found during the exploration of gas sources in the area of desert named as Empty Quarter. The Saudis military cordoned off the entire area and the officials tried to keep the discovery secret from the world but one of military helicopters took the picture and posted in on internet.

The discovery giant skeletons having 5 feet long head and almost 25 feet long body surprised the whole world including people living in Saudi Arabia. In Holy Quran Almighty Allah has informed the humanity 1400 years ago about AAD & SAMOOD who were so long and were destroyed due to sins and different crimes.

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