Gold Jewelry Incident Surprises Security Agency

Gold Jewelry Incident surprised the security agency as well as the world when the video was watched by them. The video showed that a man entered the shop with the intention of stealing stuff so that they could have luxurious life. On the way of stealing they did not spare the security officer who was hired there by the security agency.

The Gold Jewelry shop was closed late at night and the security officer was sleeping inside the shop without the information that somebody could come and hit him really hard on his head. As the men entered the shop they saw the security officer sleeping inside the shop. The all thought of getting scared by the security officer.

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They better thought of not sparing the security officer in the shop and started beating the head of that man with the wooden stick. He was sleeping and did not manage to wake up since the beating was so hard that he might have lost his life. The most cruel act by the people who were there in the shop to steal the ornaments. Nobody had watched such video ever while such incidents had happened in the past too. The men did not spare the camera.

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