Guinness World Record Gets Viral

Guinness world record was registered on the event of Eid in Asian country when the huge cow got viral on social media and electronic media as well. Many records were noticed and written before in that book but nobody had witnessed such heavy weight cow in their entire lives. The cow was quite heavy and it looked like the record could not be broken in the near future.

According to Guinness world record, the cow was displayed in the local market when the sale was on for the sacrifice purpose. The owner had included it in the competition that was required to record the world heavy weight record. Many officials were present there at the event when different animals were brought for the world record.

Due to the weight it was quite difficult for the owners to beat an animal that had weight over two thousand kilogram. The huge cow was noticed by the news channels as well when they had seen the cow competition on the event of Eid festival. Everybody decided to buy the heavy weight cow so that the world could see them for the record breaking. Some of sellers never minded since they wanted that cow to be sold quickly.

Huge Cow

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