Horrible Road Rage on London Motorway

Most horrible road rage between a man and a woman was happened on UK motorway. People do fight on small things, which is exactly wrong and this kind of road rage leaves very bad impact on our atmosphere. This road rage is between a man and woman, in the video you can see there was a little mistake of woman, but patience has fully finished. The man comes out from his car and starts fight with the woman badly.

It was the road of London City; the road has very traffic and because of this road rage between man and woman disturbs all road traffic. Road traffic incidents cause of death and injury. Almost 1.2 million people are killed in road incidents and a lot of people become injured in Road incidents.

UK is list of those countries, where rules and regulations implement equally for all public. The London City is capital of UK. The London police have a big control of London City in all the respect. The traffic system of London City is an example of all other world but sometime road rage exists because of some reasons, so in this case everyone should do patience and try to avoid from fighting.

London Police always keep eyes on the road and arrest those people who do not follow their traffic rules. Mostly road rage happens because of those people who don’t follow the traffic rule.

London Police also put cameras in London City everywhere on the roads and London Police controls and views all London City from control room. In this way, London Police checks the reasons of these road incidents. With the passing of every day, London Police is trying to do better London City traffic system, in this way London Police can reduce road rage.

Image Courtesy: gettyimages.com

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