Hospital Video of Former President Surprises World

Hospital Video of Former President Surprises World. The video was a funny one and did not mean to confirm the authenticity of the opinion that the President of Iraq was alive. All the news that were circulating all around the world were fake and did not belong to any authentic sources. It was all drama that was highlighted in the video made by funny people.

Hospital staff had already confirmed his death when the President was hung by the police officers and the video and the pictures also proved him to be no more in the world any more. Some people have been doing propaganda about the life of the President of Iraq. It was totally fake rumors and nothing truth was in the news.

Video Link :

Some of the people made fun of the news by pretending to be the President of the Iraq. One of the friends went to disguise their friend by having beard and putting cloth on it on the bed. They took the cloth off the body of their friend who was disguising his face to be Saddam Hussain. He then started to shout out as the video was being made by them. They pretended to be afraid after watching the man.


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