Huge Cow Registers Guinness World Record

Huge cow registered Guinness world record when its weight was at top of the list. it weighed something over 2000 Kilogram and shocked the public. The demand of that cow in the competition was quite high and everybody ignored it due to its price. People had the tradition of buying the animals at low prices since the economy was not good of the country.

The new Guinness world record was registered by the officials of the organization that had never seen a huge cow that was included in the competition. The video was made by one of the news channels that reported the event on the event of Eid. People had arrived in many numbers in the market where the animals for sacrifice were kept.

Only animal that attracted lots of people  in the animal market was the huge cow that was apparently the biggest of the lot and could be watched directly from the ground. Huge cow was the heaviest in the town and nobody had witness any better weighed animal. The officials were also surprised to see the height and size of the cow that was seen in the market. It was told that the cow was bought by the rich man of the country.

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