Human Treatment From Foreign Hotels Surprises

Human Treatment From Foreign Hotels Surprised. Britain news showed human treatment for going against the law that was implemented by the Government. The Government of the Islamic country had ordered to not do bad acts and drink substances that had caused trouble in the society. The man who went against the law in that country then got the treatment for crossing his limit.

As the Hotels of Britain Showed news of man getting treatment of 80 lashes was uploaded and shared by the Social media, it had arisen many concerns of the people living in that country. British country and the other foreign country did not mind allowing their citizens to drink at the public places but according to the Islamic law, nobody was allowed to drink it even in public or at home.

Many citizens in Hotels of that country got the well deserved treatment as they knew that act was banned. The news was quite attractive for the people of abroad who had all the facilities despite of being illegal of banned. United States and other such countries had given permission to the residents about drinking it but in Islamic States that substance was banned. One of the passer by started to record the video as mentioned in the news.

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