Inhuman Festival of Dolphins in Denmark Faces Opposition

An inhuman festival involving dolphins in Denmark has been facing strict opposition from NGOs. Many NGOs in Europe has got united to raise voice against the inhuman festival against the Marine life. The festival has been destroying the natural beauty of marine life.

During the inhuman festival of slaughtering dolphins people from Europe flooded towards Denmark, a small country with small population. Tourists of all ages including woman and children take part in slaughter of dolphins with zeal and zest. They enjoy with laughter and watches inhuman slaughters with zest.

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Hundreds of innocent dolphins get slaughtered every year in the festival and there is no one to stop. Only a handful of NGOs and Animal Rights associations raise their voice in Europe. However, despite all the critics and opposition, people come back to Denmark every year. Some the NGOs have also tried to take the matter to United Nations and WWF.

However, there was not any kind of significant development by the government of Denmark. The Government remains quite because every year, a large number of tourists from different parts of Europe come with foreign income. Life of innocent dolphins in Sea does not have much value for such sick people.

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