Italy Incident Amazes World

Italy Incident Amazes World. Magic Show in Hotel Incident Amazes World the whole world including the Government of Turkey and Russia as well. The recent incident took place in the art gallery and all the media staff was present there at the art gallery. The ambassador of Russia was giving a short speech at the art gallery inauguration. He was standing with the other security staff of the Turkey as well.

Lady of Italy Loved her boy friend. Magic show in School was booked for the art gallery exhibition and the security guys were fully provided with the stuff that was needed for the protection of the Ambassador of Russia. Nobody knew in the press gallery staff that what was going to happen in the next some moments. One of the men hired for the security of the Ambassador of Russia opened the fire at the him.

News Channel of Italy reported the news. The magician in School was perfect in doing magic tricks in many programs and all the people had believe in him. One of the man was asked in the art gallery so that the magic could be done. The man believed in him and offered himself for the tricks. He was laid down on the machine that looked like as if it was supposed to hit on his neck.

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