Italy Lady Surprises World

Lady from Italy surprised the whole world and the doctors in the hospital when she gave birth. The lady’s birth news was so special since she was 101 years old. The birth at this old age was the real surprise for the whole word. According to the sources, she had given births of 17 children already and the coupled wanted another baby.

Italy lady was the oldest lady in the world who gave birth at this age after all the years. The birth of the baby at old age was also a surprise to the doctors of the hospital as well since they never expected that lady to carry the pregnancy at this age. The birth was celebrated at the hospital and in her house well. The husband of that lady was also very happy at the world record.

The world had never thought of baby birth at this old age but the lady and her husband decided to go for their eighteenth baby. The husband of the old lady was also confidant that the lady would be known as the oldest lady in the world who had given birth. The news was shared on the you tube channel with the pictures went viral all over internet.

Birth at 101 Years Age

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