Kashmiri Hero Plays Cricket at Home! Rare Video

Recently a rare video of a Kashmiri Hero playing cricket with someone has become viral on social media. Raw video footage was captured with a mobile phone camera at an unknown place in Kashmir. It was also unknown that the video footage was before the start of his freedom struggle from India or after joining the freedom struggle. He had lost his life to Indian Army some months back.

For young generation of Kashmir, every brave youngster becomes a real Kashmiri hero when he sacrifices for his nation. Over the past four to five decades many Kashmiri youngsters have sacrificed their lives for their motherland.

At the present time, every individual in Kashmir desires to become a hero. There is an ultimate need of freedom in the region. The freedoms will only be achieved from India when every Kashmiri Hero will stand united against the atrocities of Indian forces.

Streets of Kashmir watch Atrocities of Indian forces every day. Every individual in the amazing land of surprises cries today because of inhumanity of Indian inhuman army. India does not want to let the people get their freedom. However, a handful freedom fighters standing firm against the mighty India will get freedom one day and will become Kashmiri Hero for ever.

The Real Hero of Kashmir

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