Lion Surprises Kid in Mexico City

Lion Surprises Kid in Mexico City when the beast entered in the village. The villagers were waiting for the arrival of predator and as expected the animal caught into their trap. However the beast tried to escape and hid in the fields.

In order to draw the Lion of Mexico out of the fields, few villagers set the fields on fire and in attempt to save him from burning alive the beast attacked on the villagers. The attack of the predator was very furious and few of the villagers came into his radar once the fire caught the fields.

Few of the villagers fought with animal planet lion and wanted to burn the tiger alive in the fields but the beast came out and attacked them. The situation turned against them and so many people started to run away from the place. In another incident, a cheetah was burnt alive by the villagers in cage.

The safety of animals in Mexico of animal planet like cow, goats, sheep and people; villagers have executed many tigers in recent past. On the other hand the cultivation of forests have forced the beast and other animals to enter in the populated areas for food. It is the duty of wildlife authorities to secure the area and do not let the animals enter in the village and the villages should be far away for the forests as well.

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