London TV show Gets Watched

London TV show Gets Watched. Discovery of giant skeletons found by gas exploration team in the desert of Saudi Arabia raised so many questions if they belonged to the past. Some of the people had their opinions in the favor that they looked like the same of the AAD & SAMOOD nations mentioned in Holy Quran. The video was consisted of some of the remaining and skeletons that were found during the research by the groups of people.

London TV show never invited any girls such like that having link with ancient people. Earlier the desert area named as Empty Quarter was cordoned off by Saudi troops and no person was allowed to go there. They wanted to keep the amazing discovery secret from the world but they could not do as.The military helicopter took the picture of giant skeleton and unveiled it to world through internet. That’s how people came to know that during gas exploration a team discover something amazing in the desert of Saudi Arabia and surprised the whole world.

Its not clear whether the officials handed the giant skeletons to archaeologists or not. It would be great to know if they can come out with something interesting about the history of ancient world. However the cooperation of Saudi Arabia will help them a lot to further explore the area for this particular research.

London TV show Host also got surprised. It always brings interest for people whenever such giant skeletons are found. Egypt has the repute of such discoveries but for the first time people heard about Saudi Arabia. The lack of interest on the part of Saudi officials would create hurdles.

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