Magic Show Incident in Hawaii Surprises World

Magic show in Hawaii surprised everybody including the viewers as the magic show was being shown live on the TV. The magician has shown some unbelievable tricks in the previous programs but the recent trick was a really shocker to the audience and the viewers. A lady was brought in the TV show. The magic man was supposed to do some magics that could not be done in the past.

During the Hawaii magic show, the ladies were asked to be ready for something unbelievable. They were asked by the man to hold the lady who was being experimented. One of the helping ladies held the head while the other one pulled off the feet of the girl. The other two girls were too scared to come close to the magic man.

As the the magic show show was started, the magic man decided to cut the body of the lady in two pieces. All the people thought that it could not be possible. The man pulled out some thing from the belly of the lady and then hit the belly with so much power . As the ladies were holding the upper part and the lower part of the body, the man did not have to do extra effort.

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