Man Dies while Digging the Grave of Woman

An unidentified man dies while digging the grave of old woman for ritual process, newspaper reports. According to initial reports he was not alone at the moment of digging and the other person might have run away due to death of partner. His head was stuck into the earth near the grave and died there after he went out for breath.

According to the reports of newspaper, the man who died near the grave had criminal background of stealing skulls or dead bodies for ritual purposes. He could not get his neck out when he entered into the hole to get the skull of old woman.

His death seemed very terrible near a grave and so many people would have felt the sensation of watching the dead man. Surely stealing the dead bodies or skull from grave is punishable act and he got the deserved punishment but not from the world.

Almighty Allah has given him the deserved punishment and he could not escape it at all. However the inquiry must be conducted to arrest the rest of the criminals and the management of graveyard must be asked questions on their role in protecting the graves.

Is it due to negligence of the management? Are they fully involved in the matter or few of the members helped the dead man? These questions must be asked from them to prevent such incidents in future so that no one feels uncertainty when they bury their loved ones.

Horrible Visuals of Grave Digger

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