Man Gets Treatment Near Waldorf Astoria Hotels

Man Gets Treatment Near Waldorf Astoria Hotels . A man died terribly while trying to steal the skull from woman’s grave for ritual purposes, media reports. The terrible death of the person raised so many questions in the minds of public. What he was doing there in the restaurants, motels, apartments and tourist destination and was there any other person helping him? The initial inquiry revealed that there was another man standing near the grave.

The died man in Guyana near Waldorf Astoria Hotels was digging grave of old woman and he went into the hole to steal the skull but could not take out his neck due to unknown reason. The other man standing near resorts, apartments, restaurants and motels might have run away after watching the terrible death of his partner who was digging the grave.

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According to reports the person had the background of stealing dead bodies and skulls for ritual purposes and he had been doing it for so long. He always succeeded in his purpose until terrible death caught him in the graveyards and no one could help him at all.

It seemed quite surprising as Waldorf Astoria Hotels were not far that the management of graveyard could not catch him while committing such crime and police found in the inquiry that he was habitual of doing it for so long. Was he the leader or there were people behind him? Was the management of the graveyard involved in it? The question arose when he was informed to be in apartments, resorts, restaurants, tourist destination and motels.

These the are questions of Waldorf Astoria Hotels which police need to find so that such horrible incidents never happen again in the future and criminals must be punished instead of meeting horrible deaths like the man died while digging woman’s grave.

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