Masjid Nabvi Incident Surprises World

Masjid Nabvi Incident Surprises World. The recent video was taken from the documentary that was made on Masjid Nabvi. It was seen that some of the clouds above that area gathered in the shape of the Masjid. The patch of clouds resembled the dome of the Masjid. The video was then watched by many people on social media.

Saudi Arabia news of image of appearance of dome of Masjid Nabvi amazed so many people. Some of the people living there in that part of the world said that it was just an illusion since many shapes have been made by the patch of the clouds. As the news was shared on social media, most of the people started to believe about the news.

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The video of Masjid Nabvi was then shared by some of the people who thought it to be informative but some of the people disagreed with the concept of the image of the clouds on the sky resembled the dome of the Masjid. An interesting news of the Masjid also got viral when the dome of the famous Masjid turned red as understood by the people. Some of the people said that it was due to the fading light. Others mentioned it to be just a coincidence.

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