People Lose Women Rights

People did not give women rights to the woman in Afghanistan when she was beaten badly. She did not do anything bad but she was misinterpreted by the mob of people who did not let her say anything in her defense. She argued with the old man who was Mullah and kept on asking him about his illegal way of selling charms in the shrine.

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Women rights were needed by the lady who was Muslim and did not do anything bad with the Mullah. Her only mistake was that she argued and raised some questions to the Mullah. The Mullah did not listen to her and alleged her for burning the Holy book of Islam. Many people outside the shrine overheard her. They got really angry and dragged her out without listening to her properly.

The most pathetic incident took place in the foreign country where people have been treating ladies with so  much arrogance. A lady in the shrine became the victim of the mob who was really angry. The lady was so unlucky that she lost her life. She kept on pleading to the people but nobody was there to help her out and get rid of that situation.

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