Philippines Incident of Soul Scares World

Philippines incident of soul leaving the body of the dead person surprised the whole world. During the incident the video was being recorded by the CCTV camera that was fixed for the safety on the road. As  the broadcaster on the bike collided with the speeding the car, he fell down on the road having got lots of injuries.

Philippines people came quickly to rescue him and wanted to take him to the hospital but they could not do so since his soul already departed from the world. People were in real shock. They could not understand the incident since he lost his life in no time. During the investigation report by the Traffic police officers, video was taken into consideration.

People of the world got scared when they saw the images through the CCTV camera footage. It was clearly seen that the soul of that dead broadcaster was seen in the picture that was standing right behind the people. The soul was standing behind the people and was watching at his own body. Nobody knew how it felt to watch own body after leaving from the dead body. The video went viral all over and it was also printed in the news paper as well.

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