Pilot Shows Brilliance to Land Airplane on Ocean Surface

A US Airline Passenger Jets has known to get crash landed in the Atlantic Ocean. It was announced in the evening bulletin that passenger flight went missing from radar an hour after taking off from capital airport. A total of 309 passengers were on board. All of the passengers have miraculously survived with efforts of pilot who landed the passenger jet into the sea.

Before the Pilot had landed the Airplane, US Airline officials feared to have lost the jet in air already. After the Flight had gone missing from Radar, TV channels and other news agencies also had spreading similar kind of fear in public.

Later the flight was spotted some beach goers crash landing at the sea bed near ocean. The US airline head office was also informed later by some unknown sources that their airplane had landed safely. A rescue operation was conducted immediately to take the on-board passengers off from the air jet.

Friends and families of Airplane passengers had gathered at the departure and arrival airport to enquire about safety of passengers. Everyone at the both airports was amused on the news of safe landing of missing flight in the sea. The US Airlines later sent another new jet to bring the passengers back home safely.

Passenger Plane

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