President Gets Treatment Video

President of Iraq got the treatment by the soldiers of America. The video was also made by one of the soldiers of America. The videos was shared after so many years on the internet went viral. The video showed that till the last moment Saddam Hussain kept reciting by saying the name of Almighty. It was said that he was captured by the army of America from the mountain.

President did not want to hide but he was pushed by the members of the parliament when the Americans came to their country in Iraq. They did not want to release the video since it could have raised chaos in the country so the video was kept secret. The video was then released through those soldiers when one of them got to find the video.

This video was not being shared after the death of Saddam Hussain but it was shared after many years. The purposed of delaying the video was not provide any chaos among the nation of Iraq. Some of the people liked Saddam Hussain very much but they did not know the truth when he was captured. After the capture, the army officers were really happy.

Saddam Hussain Video

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