President Saddam Gets Watched Alive in Hospital

In one hospital of Iraq, the former president of Iraq was watched alive. The video surprised the whole world and the people who had gone there to witness the dead body. The video was also made by those men who had gone there to do research on the news. The authenticity of the news had to be investigated since there were rumors all over the internet.

The hospital staff declared him dead after he was hung by the officers of the United States in his own country. The government of Iraq also testified the news but people did not believe as the video was not shared to the public on the day his body was hung. Although the video and the pictures were shared later on the internet but still there were doubts.

Some of the people decided to got to see the dead body of the President of Iraq who was supposed to be dead on the bed. The video that went viral was a funny one when a man with the beard pretended to be dead. The people who recorded that video did not seem to belong to Iraq. The president looks were given to that man. After sometime that man who was pretending to be the President of Iraq got up and started shouting but the video proved it was a funny video and there was not reality in it.


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