Rare Video of Kashmiri Hero Mesmerizes Everyone

Rare video footage of a Kashmiri Hero has mesmerized everyone these days. The video footage of Hero while playing cricket was captured with a mobile phone camera at somewhere in Kashmir. The footage has been shared by someone on the social media several months after demise of hero fighting against the Indian forces.

The Kashmiri Hero had lost his life in an intense face off with the Indian forces in Kashmir some months back. Muslims especially in Kashmir and all over the world had become very sad on this event. The news had left every individual heartbroken having love for the Kashmiri People.

Video Link: http://singleclickvideos.com/PgReZ

The Kashmiri hero who had lost his life to Indian forces was not popular in Kashmir but was famous in Pakistan as well. He has sacrificed his life for the cause of getting freedom for the Kashmiri people. Indian Government and the Indian forces were very much scared of him.

Still after several months of sand event in Kashmir, He has been living in hearts of people. Love for him by the Kashmiri Muslims never will get to an end; it will increase every other day. The brave Kashmiri hero has left an example for every youngster of his motherland.

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