Saudi Arab News of Masjid Nabvi Gets Viral

Saudi Arab News of Masjid Nabvi was watched by so many people on the internet on You tube channel. The video was derived from documentary of the process when the Masjid was being built. The short clip showed that the area around the Masjid was covered with the clouds all over and it looked like as if it was going to rain in that part.

Saudi Arab management of weather forecast predicted that it might rain in the evening. As the time of evening had come, a small patch of clouds gathered above the area where the Masjid was being built. Some of the workers who were working there looked at the clouds and they were really amazed to see that the some kind of image of the Masjid appeared on the sky.

The sky was watched by many workers working there, they all were quite amazed when they watched the image of the clouds that looked like the real Masjid. The dome of the Masjid resembled the appearance of the clouds that gathered all over that area. The video was then edited from the documentary and uploaded later so that people could watch it. Some of the people said that it was just a matter of clouds and there was nothing true in it.

Masjid Nabvi

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