Saudi Man Gets Treated for Camel Incident

Saudi man got treated for camel incident when the pet animal jumped on his face with his teeth. The animal did not care about it being the pet of the person. The video showed that how the man was bitten by the camel and got injured despite of the fact that he has been taking great care of it. He has been feeding it with great food but it all went in vain.

Saudi man never expected such bite from the pet camel and was very much disturbed. His brother could only tell the whole incident when he arrived in the hospital for medical treatment. After the treatment by the doctors, he managed to speak to his brother and describe the whole incident. His brother always had some issue with the animal.

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The brother then got angry and wanted to take revenge from the pet camel since it hurt his brother a lot. His all face was injured during the bite of the pet camel. The brother then went in the desert with his brother so that he could take revenge and treat lesson to the animal despite of the fact that the pet camel could never know about his treatment.

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