Security Camera Footage of Gold Jewelry

Security camera footage of Gold Jewelry surprised the whole world when the thieves came for the theft. According to the video released by the security company, the security guy could not last long as he was hit big time with the wood stick. The guy who was holding up wood stick did not feel for the security officer since he along with his friends came there to steal.

The Gold Jewelry was stolen by those men who were hiding their faces but the video was caught by the security camera. The footage showed that the man hit the head of the security guy very hard while he did not know anything since he was asleep. It was the most shocking video that was shared on the social media. Nobody could believe that the thieves could be so cruel.

The video showed that the man who was holding the wood stick and called hid friends inside the shop damaged the camera as well. The video showed that he could be recognized as he was hiding his face. Due to the hidden face they were recognized and have not been caught yet. The stealing process was so surprising that nobody was able to watch the video till the end.

Gold Jewelry Incident

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