Signs of Judgment Day Appear in Russia

Scientists in Russia has discovers something very unusual near the Atlantic Ocean. There are some views of public these strange activities are actually signs of judgment day according to Islam. A number of scientists have gathered in Moscow these days for volcanic experiments over the environment.

Since ages, people all over Russia were unaware about Islam and its details. For a longer period of time central government sitting in Moscow was known as the communist government. Communists were those people who were known as non-believers.

The non-believers in Russia have pretended that they have forced Islam out of their country. Since the change in the upper houses of Moscow and the fall of Russian Empire, a dramatic change has seen all over country. There were many Muslim states were also ruled by the Russian empire. Muslims in those countries were also not allowed to practice Islamic way of live.

Recently Islam has started spreading all over these countries rapidly. There were many mosques in Moscow and other cities of the country as well. However, they were closed by the communist government of the past. Now, All over Russia, all mosques have been open which were closed by the communists and new are also built by Muslims.

Judgement Day

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