Soil of Russia Shows Sign of Judgment Day

Public in Russia has been Surprised to witness the new signs of judgment day found by environmental scientists. Scientists has revealed about signs about judgment day in a seminar on environmental sciences in Moscow. The seminar was also attended by some scholar of Islam and experts of Islamic studies.

Scientists and experts of Islamic studies in a university in Moscow have started working on the evidence gathered by scientists. There were not a big number of believers in Russia a few decades ago. However, after fall of the Russian empire, there was a dramatic change in thinking of people.

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People all over Russia have started studies on Islamic topics. There are many universities in Moscow and other cities which are giving education of Islam. Not only the local students but foreigners also come there for education. A large number of students from surrounding Islamic countries including Pakistan also come to Russian Universities. The history of Russian ancestors has also very close relations with Islamic values.

All over Moscow and other key Russian cities, Signs of Islam in the past ages can be seen very easily. Especially, under the rule of Mongol and Turk Emperors, Russia was a center if Islamic governments in the past.

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