Star wood Hotels News of Groom Gets Viral

Star wood Hotels News of Groom Gets Viral when a woman was treated badly by the so called people. They were taking care of the matters of the society and thought that they were doing the right thing. So many people decided to raise awareness after the incident by sharing the video on the social media. A news agency also reported the incident from the Apartments, Resorts, Restaurants, Motels and Tourist Destination.

That Star wood hotels had to be the same for the people but the girl did not anything wrong. She was blamed for going out with the man without the permission of her parents. Her parents were also there in the apartments, resorts, restaurants, motels and tourist destination to see the treatment. It was believed that she never went out rather she was alleged by the man who was supposed to marry her with the will of her parents.

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As the people gathered around Star wood hotels to treat her, the camera man also reached there to shoot the video so that they could share it to the public and nobody could dare to do it again.This was not the first time that such incident too place rather many other incidents also happened in the past. Due to the fear of the people in resorts, apartments, restaurants, motels and tourist destination who were in command, people did not rescue her from the mob.

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