Strange Grave of Junaid Jamshed Near Virginia Hotels

Strange Grave of Junaid Jamshed Near Virginia Hotels surprised people . Grave of famous Junaid Jamshed surprised everyone when it was being cleaned by the people working in the graveyard. The famous former singer who gave up singing and started doing preaching of Islam lost his in the plane crash. The incident was quite shocking for everyone as it has caused lots of causalities.

London Media was present at Virginia Hotels to see Junaid Jamshed home. The digging of the grave was being done people who were working in the graveyard were really amazed when they were present there in the graveyard early in the morning. During the digging, the man felt amazing smell that was coming out of that place. People were really amazed at it. They took some part of the mud and gave it to the son of the late former singer who had now become the preacher.

Junaid Jamshed Grave

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